Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why boycott CDO?


In an official statement, CDO Foodsphere, Incorporated would rather continue their business with Willing Willie out of good faith. In contrast, Jollibee Food Corporation, pulled the plug from Willing Willie taking a chunk of advertising money from the embattled prime time show.

With CDO it's business as usual taking TV5's good faith promise. They took TV5's word that the show will not be the same again. Who are they fooling? Would Willie Revillame become squeaky clean like Piolo Pascual overnight? We know Willie. We know that advertisers make its research before they decided to buy commercial and promo spots in the show. We know CDO's market relies heavily on the popularity of Willing Willie's format. 

So for CDO to say, ". . . TV5’s WillingWillie has, no doubt, jolted us out of our comfort  zones as an advertiser in the top-rating show," is not true. Child exploitation shown on national television should've angered the executives of CDO but it would rather continue to fund this show out of "good faith" because they "are not in the position to pass judgment on the incident."  

CDO saw Jan-Jan's tears and dance, got jolted but they cannot pass judgment on the show. What values does CDO speak of now?

I am boycotting CDO products because I am against child exploitation and abuse and they continue to turn a blind eye on 6-year-old Jan-Jan Estrada's situation.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's take Jan-Jan's Cause to Congress!

Salamat sa inyong pagsuporta sa pagsisikapang sulatan ang lahat ng mga advertisers ng ​​Willlie Revillame's show sa TV5, Willing Willie upang huwag nang mag-advertise sa show, gayunpaman, hindi hihinto dito ang petisyon. Ang responsibilidad na ipasa ang mga batas na magpoprotekta sa karapatan ng ating mga anak ay nasa Kongreso. Dahil dito gumawa ulit po ako ng sulat upang ipetisyon ang agarang pagpasa ng nararapat na batas. Paki-copy and paste na lang po ang template na nasa baba at ipadala ito sa namumuno ng komite na si Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerilles. Ang bawat miyembro ng kongreso ay may paunang responsibilidad na gumawa ng batas na magpo-protekta sa interes na ating bansa. Kailangan kumilos na po tayo ngayon upang masiguro ang pag-pasa ng batas para hindi na maulit pa muli ang pangyayari na katulad kay Jan-Jan.

Binibigyan ko din po ng parangal at pasasalamat sina Hon. Erin Tañada at Hon. Bernadeth Herrera-Dy sa agarang pagkilos sa isyu at pag-file ng House Bills 4455 at 1146.
Ipagpatuloy ang trabaho. May lakas sa nakararami.

(Thank you for supporting the effort in writing all the advertisers of Willlie Revillame's show on TV5, Willing Willie, however, the petition doesn't stop there. Congress has the equal responsibility to pass laws that will protect our children's right and because The House Committee On Welfare of Children hasn't acted on Jan-Jan's case, I made another template letter below asking why this committee hasn't led any moves to investigate this child abuse case. Every member of congress has the sole responsibility to enact laws that should protect our interest as a nation. We need to act responsibly and make every member of congress accountable to ensure passage of laws and such acts will not be repeated. 

Please copy and past the petition below and email it to Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerilles who is the Congressional Welfare of Children committee head in this 15th Congress. To this end, I want to thank Hon. Erin Tañada and Bernadeth Herrera-Dy for acting on the issue and filing House Bills 4455 and 1146. 

Let's continue the work. There's Power in numbers.)

(Please copy the letter-template below, click the link below, and paste it on the field)

Dear Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerilles:

Since Congress called for an investigation to the Willing Willie show incident, the Committee on Welfare of Children you lead have not made any visible steps nor file any bill that will protect the - welfare of children. The committee you head has jurisdiction over "All matters directly and principally relating to the needs, education and overall welfare of Filipino children. . ." I am surprised that it took Hon. Lorenzo ' Erin' Tañada and Hon. Bernadeth Herrera-Dy to file House Bill 1146 (MTRCB Code of Ethics) and House Bill 4455 (Children Act of 2011) respectively. 

Children are not a side issue and as a citizen of this nation, I have equal responsibility to do every right thing to protect their rights. This includes closely monitoring every move congress makes that will curb abuse made on minors.

If congress will not do more, please know that this letter effectively becomes a record counting the number of days until members of this 15th Congress passes a bill that protects children's rights. 

Respectfully yours,

Ipadala po dito: Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerriles

Please send it here: Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerriles

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Help us Tell Willing Willie Advertisers, STOP!

THERE'S POWER IN NUMBERS: If you want to help stop Willing Willie's unjustifiable maltreatment of its contestants - including children - please help me write letters to advertisers asking them to stop advertising in that show. I made a template letter you can copy and paste as you write your letters directed to the heads of marketing from each advertiser of the show.

The links of each advertiser's contact us form is found below.  

Dear Head of Marketing:

The Willing Willie March 12 incident became the spark of a public display of indignation detesting the culture manifesting from this show. The producers of the show lacked remorse when it issued a public apology supposedly addressing the situation. 

I can no longer tolerate the producers claim that this is an isolated incident. I detest the offensive excuse and remark TV5, Willie Revillame, and the executive producers gave in defense of their action towards the 6-year-old contestant, Jan-Jan. 

Willing Willie no longer reflect the ideals of your product. Please pull out your budget from the show and re-direct it in more effective promotions in other mediums/networks. If not, I will boycott your products as a sign of my support to the preservation of every person's dignity guesting on this show.

WILLING WILLIE ADVERTISERS (Click on the link to re-direct you to the brand's contact page)

Unilever - makes Vaseline

Contact Us:


Contact Us:

Liwayway Marketing makes Oishi crackers

Contact Us:

P&G makes Colgate

SMART Communications

Aldrtz Corporation makes Pau Liniment


Nurtiasia makes UFC Banana ketchup, Mang Tomas

Cebuana Lhuillier

Belo Medical Group

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

TV5's Apology and What Jan-jan's Face Shows

(Warning: The photos are disturbing. By looking through the pictures, you decided to take part in this discussion in taking a stand on the issue of this nation's apathy, loss of family values, and degenerating truth from lies. The images were posted in light of TV5's statement that is wrought of deception that will not add accountability to this network.) 

THE YOUTUBE site that gave you first hand of what the show Willing Willie did to a 6-year-old boy is no longer public:

So we made screen captures of the segment as it appears on the YouTube video. We juxtaposed TV5's apology note made in their website last March 29, which was seventeen days after the incident happened on Willie Revillame's show. We were flabbergasted by TV5 and Willie Revillame's supposed sorry note and took exception on the following statement TV5 made:

"He (Jan-jan) appeared to be sad or even in tears, not because he was being forced to dance, but because he felt the dance was “serious” and he was playing a role.  He did not want to smile because of his missing upper front teeth and because of the presence on the set of former basketball player Bonel Balingit who Jan-jan thought was a scary “giant”."

Take note that TV5 used the words, "appear", "playing a role", "scary "giant"" in reference to former PBA player Bonel Balingit. 

TV5 thinks the public is not as bright as intelligent as they should be. 

The images are as clear as daylight. Case in points:
  1. Willie Revillame started off by taunting the kid even bringing in Bonel Balingit on this segment.
  2. Fear is written all over Jan-jan's face. It's as if he was going to be punished if he did not do what Willie asked him to do.
  3. Jan-jan should've smiled already after his "role playing" - according to TV5 - as soon as he was done with his role. 
  4. Show host constant laughter and the crowd's show of hysterics is traumatizing.
  5. Willie Revillame went overboard by using Jan-jan as his entertainment "piece" in front of the audience.
  6. The audience has lost any sensitivities by approving Willie's antics against a child who's only commitment was to help his family.
  7. Willing Willie and TV5 betrayed Jan-jan and any sense of decency that should be maintained in any form of entertainment - whether taped or live.
Bottom line: Jan-jan was not amused but confused and fearful.

We hope to see government agencies, congress, and authorities to make sure the rights of children are protected.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Despite apology, ABC5 and Willie is not sorry

Mr. Willie Revillame, the producers of 'Willing Willie' and TV5 sincerely and deeply apologize for the segment of the show featuring 6-year-old Jan-Jan Suan which viewers may have found offensive or in bad taste. We wish to stress that there was never any intention to humiliate or abuse Jan-Jan or any contestant on the show," said the statement.

". . .WAS NEVER ANY INTENTION to humiliate or abuse Jan-jan or any contestant on the show," was ABC5's statement to even justify what Willie Revillame did to a traumatized six-year-old boy.

Is it business as usual? I think so. A popular saying stated this, "Whatever will not kill you will only make you stronger." It seems like this event will only make - not just Willie Revillame - ABC5 bolder and audacious and empower Willing Willie to do more to get their ratings up.

One of the many things the public can do to get their message across is to publicly boycott advertisers of Willing Willie. Can this be done? If the conviction of the public is strong enough to send advertisers that indirectly 'prey' on minors by supporting shows like this, then we can see the success of this endeavor.

The question now is - is the public game?

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Willing Willie feat. JAN-JAN ang batang ASTIG sumayaw! (March 12, 2011)

In Willie's show in ABC5, "Willing Willie," the audience gave off huge laughter and approval as a kid does what Willie Revillame labeled as "Burlesque" dancing in reference to an old movie.

Dancing to a Snoop Dogg hit, the boy innocently gyrates to the beat. My jaw dropped. This boy was exploited - first by his parents, next by his tita (who brought him to the show), next by the producers of the show, next by Willie Revillame, then the audience, then the executives of the show.

What parent would have their son dance like that and think it's funny? It's bad enough that bar dancers want out of their jobs to do something decent then this.

I'm not going to talk about Willie because his reputation right now is predictable but the kinds of comments I read on Facebook that would just make you cringe:

"masyado kasi kayong malisyoso mag isip. OA ung reactions ng iba. duh. (You guys are full of malice in your thoughts. The others are just over reacting. Duh.)" - gorgeousgicel

"MGA HATERS WALA KAYONG MAGAWA SA BUHAY. TINGNAN NYO NGA ANG LIKES SA VIDEO AT DISLIKES. MGA BOBO (All you haters just have nothing else to do. Just look at the likes and dislikes. You morons.)" - MAEV123

". . .dirty dancing while crying what's wrong? talent nya yon ang masama lang kung pinahubad xa ni Willie ...Ano ba kayo konting bagay lang ginagawan ng issue...just watch and have fun (. . .That's his talent and what should be bad is if Willie asked him to take his clothes off ...What's up with you guys it's just a small thing that you guys are making an issue of. . .)" - MSYashegny

In the name of entertainment, the audience shows their approval like they would like their child to be bar dancers when they grow up.

I am praying for JanJan right now and I hope you will too after seeing this video.

I'm praying for that this kid will be blessed to have his mind protected by the corruption being instilled by his guardians. I am praying that Janjan's parents will understand soon enough that they need to love their child more and that this way of milking money from this child is not God's way. I am also praying for the audience - laughing and approving this vicious thing to this child - to realize and repent from this way of life.

I hope the MTRCB, DSWD, and Congress will do something to protect the child's welfare.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Business Insight | Lifestyle

Avida Towers Centera holds
3D street painting contest

18th PTAA Travel Expo -->
--> -->

FILIPINO artists will have the chance to showcase their talent and passion at Avida Towers Centera 3D Street Painting Festival on March 18 and 19, 2011 at Reliance Street in Mandaluyong City.

With the theme "Fast-forward: Life at the Center of the Metropolis", the art contest is part of the grand launch of Avida Land Corp.’s latest high rise project. The paintings will be open for public viewing starting March 19.

"What better way to mark the rise of another Avida Towers than to showcase the talent and creativity of Filipinos, whose artworks will adorn the street where this development will rise," says Avida Marketing Manager Tess Tatco.

The 3D street painting competition is open to all Filipino professional artists and students of all ages. Participants must form a team composed of three to seven members to qualify.

Contestants are required to submit a soft copy of their design at in JPEG format only on Tuesday, March 15 at exactly 10pm. Submitted design proposals must be based on the theme: "Fast-forward: Life at the Center of the Metropolis". The final artwork will be 8 x10 feet in size.

Design proposals will be evaluated and sorted for inclusion in a short-list; short-listed proposals are considered the official finalists of the competition. The contest will begin at 8AM on March 18th until 6 AM of the following day, March 19th.

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HIV cases rise in Mandaluyong

"Lahat ng call center agents na magtatrabaho sa Mandaluyong ay kailangang ma-check mabuti before they are issued medical certificates,” Abalos said.

Why target call-center agents? So what if infected men are not issued medical certificates? They can always get fake ones. The question we should address is, "What are we going to do to help these men?" We can always drive people out of work and out of the city by publishing sharp comments like this, however, we will not address the main problem of transmitting the disease to other unsuspecting victims. There should be a change in the lives of these people and sadly the city administrators cannot offer any help to ease the pain of these workers. Sadly we are quick to shun them and fail to provide help.

Now to drug dependents and men who have sex with other men, how can we help them realize this destructive path they're taking? Their damning acts should stop and the community has the greatest opportunity to bring back values in their lives.

This article was successful only in causing more hurt to the city and to those whose lives are now ruined because of their mistake in getting this disease.

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HIV cases in Mandaluyong up | Metro