Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fast forward twenty years later: Meralco

If you recall the days when the government controlled the land’s utility companies, it was one of the toughest times. I remember how it was tough to get phones connected at our location or how hard it was to pay bills conveniently.


Not anymore to this day.


I took a picture of the Meralco payment center (electricity distributor), which were located minutes away where I live.  The utilities company, which was used to be controlled and managed by the Marcos Administration is operating far better now. Meralco is now run by the Lopezes who owns the biggest television network in the country, ABS-CBN. The Lopezes happen to be one of the staunchest enemies of the Marcoses. It’s a bitter-sweet justice for the Lopez family if you ask me.


They run the business professionally as you can see here in the pictures and accountability is realistic because complaints are heard and improvements are periodically done to ensure quality of services it offers.

Acknowledgement: (meralco building photo)

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Simple instructions we can't even follow

 “Please park facing the wall.”

It’s clear right? The instructions were written for a good reason and these instructions were written at a posh parking lot underneath Serendra mall in Taguig City. But lo and behold, drivers don’t follow simple and clear instructions. If we want a better nation why not start following instructions. It goes well with respect.

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Wow. The new Coke 'Litro' bottle?

Probably but it’s not. It’s the new Coca Cola 1-Liter bottle that Coke Philippines released recently. It’s the famous classic design that brings to mind the nostalgia that made the Coke bottle shape culturally popular.

If you’re a Coke aficionado, a collector, an interior designer who fancies retro design, then you can grab this Coke bottle from our store at The Cooling Station. It’s a great memento for those who appreciate this cultural icon.

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Why some people are voting for Noynoy

“Who are you going to vote on May 10?”






“I don’t want to waste my vote.”


This is the common phrase I hear now. I dug deeper and got these answers (you are probably one of either two profiles): they have a “losing” candidate who never topped a survey or they don’t want Sen. Villar to win.


I wrote in earlier blogs that people seem to choose Noynoy because of he’s an “Aquino.” He is the son of the well-loved former president Cory Aquino and assassinated Sen. Ninoy Aquino. So what? We don’t seem to know the consequences of our actions? To many, it’s like a pageant where you bet for the more popular candidate. But will popularity put food on our table?


Others will vote “Aquino” because they don’t want Sen. Villar to win. The latter has unanswered allegations of corrupt practices reminiscent of President Marcos and President Arroyo.


Seriously, isn’t our family’s interest more important? Which of the nine candidates want a better health care system, or one who cares for the environment? Which of them wants to strengthen food security and promote free education?


Don’t vote for Sen. Villar – good! Why Sen. Aquino? What has he done as a senator? Check the Senate website and look for bills he authored. And people who will vote for him said they don’t want to waste their vote. It’s already wasted the moment they vote for him for the wrong reasons.




Sen. Aquino’s accomplishment record:

His campaign platform of governance:


Sen. Villar's accomplishment record:

Sen. Villar’s unanswered allegations in congress: C-5 road scandal and Vista Land scandal

His campaign platform of governance: found on Philippine Online Chronicle, but not in his campaign website

Acknowledgement: Noynoy photo

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Sen. Aquino's senate biography sounds more like a PR piece

If you read Senator Aquino's biography, a good fifty percent talks about his parents, their legacy, and their vision. If you read Senator Aquino's biography, you will think that you're reading his campaign website - not his resume. Where's his accomplishments? I don't understand why this website's administrators allow this material to be published here in this context? (click link above to read his biography)

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Philippine Star: 20,800 soldiers, cops vote manually today

Does the Philippines, which has a 90M population (2008), have 19,000 soldiers only? That's what this news is trying to reflect in today's issue of the Philippine Star. That's only .02 of 1% or 1 soldier per 4,736 people if you think about it. That's crazy. If that's not reflective of the total number of soldiers this country has then what is? Also, if that is the case, then how come there's not a lot of soldiers voting?

This number is not encouraging and it's just reflecting how bad our national security is. There should be more respect in this type of profession and we should give more premium in our personal security in this season of terrorism and extremism.

Source: Philippine population:

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Philippine Star: 20,800 soldiers, cops vote manually today

Does the Philippines, which has a 90M population (2008), have 19,000 soldiers only? That's what this news is trying to reflect in today's issue of the Philippine Star. That's only .02 of 1% or 1 soldier per 4,736 people if you think about it. That's crazy. If that's not reflective of the total number of soldiers this country has then what is? Also, if that is the case, then how come there's not a lot of soldiers voting?

This number is not encouraging and it's just reflecting how bad our national security is. There should be more respect in this type of profession and we should give more premium in our personal security in this season of terrorism and extremism.

Source: Philippine population:

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Showing you care for your child

"Obey, Kye." I made a boo-boo not understanding what Kye was saying after I took him to our bedroom and into his crib as I asked him to apologizes for his misbehavior...

Side note
Kye, in his very young age of one year and four months, understands relationships to a lot of things and how some things work. My wife and I demonstrate things we want him to understand almost everyday and he surprises us his keen understanding of so many things. This instance of not following my words is something that happened before and he immediately apologizes and/or nods or turns his head to things he agrees, disagrees, etc.

... No answer. He looks away from me and seems to ignore. This charade lasted for more than ten minutes until I asked my wife to take over as he cries and cries.

I realized later from my wife that he got poop in his diaper and he wanted it changed but his dad didn't understand what was going on.

In short he went to sleep upset so after he woke up with me staring at him with regret and apology - he started to cry.

I had to make him understand that I'm sorry and with his mom's suggestion to play with his favorite toy - our red 2005 Kia Picanto - he obliged immediately and clung to me wearing only his diapers. (See pictures)

It was a hard lesson for me to understand with what my son was trying to say but like a child's heart - he forgave me - not because of favorite red car toy - but because he was willing to let go of what's hindering us and find a common ground to enjoy the time and bond all the more for the interest of this family relationship. It was a good day like any other day.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Who I am voting for this election: Neptali Gonzales II

Of all the candidates I was screening for this coming elections, I had to think twice and research about Neptali Gonzales II - our congressman in the lone district of the city of Mandaluyong.

I almost didn't choose him because of his affiliation with the current administration and because he seems to be a "Yes, ma'm (or man)" to whatever the current person in power asked him to do. Congressman Gonzales is running unopposed in the City of Mandaluyong. Most of the time, I even wondered if he was thinking about me and his constituents. I find it silly that he co-authored resolutions and bills against "Desperate Housewives" producers (HB00267) and against verified complaints about the President (HR00892) in the ZTE scandal.

But I finally decided to vote for him because...

  1. His accomplishments for the city of Mandaluyong and co-authoring bills that vastly opened my eyes for the accomplishment of the congress he is currently a member of.
  2. His bills reflect what's best for the students of Mandaluyong.
  3. He cares about women, children, the judicial system (adding more courts). 
With all due respect to him, I now think he's really thinking but I do hope that he fights more for what is right and not what is politically convenient. He's holding a national office and chairing important positions in the House of Representatives. I expect more of him in the coming new congress and I'm voting for him not because of his affiliation with Noynoy Aquino. I'm voting for him to give him another chance to do with is right - not in my own eyes or the eyes of politics and affiliations but in the eyes of God.

To know more about him, visit the House of Representatives' website of Rep. Neptali M. Gonzales II.

Congressman Gonzales you have my vote this time.

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Spread the word about Ladies Choice new products

Are you tired of spreading the same old tuna, chicken, bacon, and others sandwich spread products out there? Ladies Choice just introduced its new offering after some two decades of supposedly researching and giving the sandwich loving market new products to enjoy the mundane and boring bread loafs in the groceries. If you like the ol'chicken spread, Unilever (makers of Ladies Choice), now introduced Chicken BBQ along with Bacon Mushroom and Roast Beef. Sounds exciting right? I got excited as well and bought one 80mL packs each just to try it out.

My wife had me try the Roast Beef one and I have to give it a thumbs down sign. It's just too sour and I didn't even taste the beef. I tried it again two days later and prepared the sandwich myself. I saw the beef bits but the taste is still the same. Nothing to celebrate about. I got skeptical with the other two, all of a sudden. But I will still try em and give my feedback here. I looked back and compared the new offering and the previous ones and I must say that the old flavors still rocks. Unilever hasn't released any commercial about these new products but they need to do something about it now. I beat em to the punch.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arroyo's Manicurist appointment a smokescreen?

Why would you appointment a manicurist at the board of the government's housing agency? An economist like President Arroyo won't do anything that rash and irresponsible except if it was done intentionally. The president is a very good planner - she was able to thwart the effects of the world's recession through economic policies - so what's up with this? Was this done to get the media's focus on Comelec? All of a sudden, there's a stream of issues MalacaƱang has released: Midnight Appointments, Ampatuan problem, Lakas-Kampi problems, Chief Justice appointments, Comelec problems, Party-List nominee appointments - it's just numbing and I'm curious what this will be all about in the coming May 10 polls. Any ideas? (For the story, click the link above)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Modern day kindness

What would you do to help out people stranded in countries because of a natural disaster? Use the web. CNN published this story, "Web links strangers helping travelers," today and instead of highlighting the benefits of the web and how it helped people. I wanted to highlight the kindness of perfect strangers helping out others going through the same crisis.

It is not about technology that makes this story remarkable for the web, twitter, or Facebook are just tools. It is the kindness in this modern age that makes this significant. Man and Women extending kindness to perfect strangers takes a lot of trust in an age of distrust. And we learn to extend goodness from a source other than teachers, friends, and family members. For they only learned it from somebody else too. Kindness is learned from the God and you can learn more from Him through the bible.

This is what I learned from God in teaching the Israelites about kindness:
"'If one of your countrymen becomes poor and is unable to support himself among you, help him as you would an alien or a temporary resident, so he can continue to live among you. Do not take interest of any kind from him, but fear your God, so that your countryman may continue to live among you. You must not lend him money at interest or sell him food at a profit. I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt to give you the land of Canaan and to be your God.'" Ref: Leviticus 25:35-38 (NIV)

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sign language for your kid

Last week, I relented to suggestions made by friends, family members, and books I read that I communicate with my Kye using sign language. I saw this site through google and it helps me teach my kid how to say "Good morning," "Good night," "Thank you," and so many other phrases you can make sure that - through actions - you communicate with your child.

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Golfer lost a title, won respect all over the world

If you haven't heard of John Davis, you may want to consider him a "hero" of sorts for just doing the right thing - honesty. In a much publicized sport of golf, a little-known golfer who is a stroke away from stepping into the professional world of this sport called a penalty on himself and cost him his chance to earn it this year. Read the story and how profound his character was and how he won the hearts of many people around the world. I cheer people who are like this and he helped me remember that it pays to be honest. He may have lost something but he gained a lot for his courage to do the right thing.

"I will maintain my righteousness and never let go of it; my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live." (Job 27:6)

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Kopiko introduces Brown

If you like instant coffee but prefer brown sugar for your hot beverage, you might like Kopiko's new product called Brown Coffee.

I tried it this morning and it tastes a lot better than it's original Kopiko instant coffee (black packaging).I bet it tastes a lot better when you put ice in it to make your own Ice Coffee. Just an idea.

We're introducing this new product at Cooling Station next week. We'll retail this coffee for Php7.00, a peso higher than the original.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


"Give her some tissue for crying out loud!" I shouted.

New gossip TV show host KC Concepcion interviewed Kim Chiu today (April 19) in her new segment called, "KCx (KC Experience)." TV Soap star, Kim Chiu, guested and was feted with a video tribute of her life.

After watching the segment, Kim Chiu - flooding with tears and all - was visibly uncomfortable as KC shoots questions that made her even cry more. In all of these, Ms. Chiu gamely pleaded, "Tama na!" (because the tears was ruining her make up and she couldn't stand crying more), but the interview just flowed further.

In all of this no one had a courtesy of handing Ms. Chiu a Kleenex, a tissue that would help her dry her free flowing tears. Was it intentional? Didn't anybody think about bringing out Kleenex for her? I could understand the need to sustain the interview and make her cry because it's good publicity and advertising MONEY but without giving her something to dry her tears is offending and unusually cruel if you ask me.

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